Agility Classes at Country Dream

We're pretty darned relaxed about our agility classes at Country Dream. We aren't seeking or accepting many students. Because we'll be limited to a couple very small classes each week, the curriculum will be designed around the immediate needs of those students.. 

We're located in a remote wilderness in very rural Ohio. We have indoor and outdoor facilities and a relaxed training atmosphere. Our training building is surfaced with 3/4" rubber on packed dirt; safe and healthy for you and your dog. We also have ample room to work outside.

We teach all of our classes in modules, each module representing a special topic or focus. This means there is no fixed length of a session; a dog at a given level may begin anywhere in the program. 

Our prices are intended to make this a fun and educational experience easily within the reach of most folks. For more information, contact Marsha Houston at Or write: Bud Houston's Country Dream, 14543 State Route 676, Waterford, OH 45786 -- 740-749.3597.